NYC Music United


Hi, I’m Midnight Rabbit. NYC Music United is an initiative that I’m doing by myself, with the sole purpose to help and be proactive to the music artists community of NYC during these unprecedented times.

I’m calling to all NYC solo artist/bands who shares the same values, willing to step forward and engage with future tasks. Let’s address together a better understanding of the issues and necessities to then create strategies, projects, campaigns, or alliances among participants, organizations, and media.

Please know this is an egoless project; collaboration and proactivity are key to make a positive impact on our careers. 

If this resonates with you, and you have achieved the minimum requirements below please apply now, share, and stay tuned.

. NYC Bands or solo artists with at least seven tracks on Spotify/Apple Music

. Your last release on Spotify should be at least from 2018

. Artist/Bands should provide their official URL website or  MGMT/Label website 

. Artists/Bands should provide at least one social media account URL

. Email address ( just to keep in touch ) 

. Fill out the form


PS. Are you a musician, but you don’t have a musical project yet? Please stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter here. I’m thinking about all of you too.

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